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California Healthy Kids Survey

In an effort to target youth most in need, as well as to meet the No Child Left Behind Act for Title IV Safe and Drug Free Schools requirements, we will be conducting the California Healthy Kids Survey on Thursday, March 22, 2012. The two grade levels to be surveyed will be 5th and 7th grades during their English, health, science or P.E. classes.

Below are links to the surveys and copies of the consent forms which were also sent home with all 5th and 7th grade students. Please note that all consent forms must be returned to your child's school.

Please contact our Support Services staff with any questions at 714.843.3278.

Please contact Ha Nguyen for assistance with translation into Vietnamese of the CA Healthy Kids Survey for grades 5 and 7. An electronic version of the survey translated into Vietnamese is not available at this time.