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Go Team Jellybean! A Message from Board President Tony McCombs
Get in the Spirit!
Go Team Jellybean!
In memory of Talbert teacher Jill Miller, Talbert staff, parents and students along with friends of Mrs. Miller walked in this year's Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  Team Jellybean proudly participated in honor of Mrs. Miller.
Team Jellybean
Ready, set, go!
A Message from Board President Tony McCombs
After what may have seemed to be a brief summer respite, students returning to school will be excited to reunite with friends and classmates. There will be learning opportunities galore and teachers will exercise and challenge those returning young minds. School sites will echo with activity as children take to the fields and play grounds. Our athletes will compete and sportsmanship will reign. Cheerleaders will dance and inspire students with school pride. Artists will create, perform and entertain, sending our imaginations soaring. Yes, school is exciting indeed. Over the last fourteen-years, voters in the Fountain Valley School District have granted me a rich, diverse and exciting opportunity to serve as a member of the Governing Board. Through the years, I have had the pleasure to serve with some outstanding colleagues who truly value the importance of our public school system. Dedicated school board members are intrinsically committed to public education and that is evident here in the Fountain Valley School District. My tenure nears its end this November and as so I reflect on all the District has accomplished. Forged in collaboration, our children have benefited from the many partnerships in education between community, parents and governance. As in the past, I anticipate that these partnerships will prevail in our District for many years to come. Moreover, as a community we will continue to demonstrate wisdom and strength as we stand as role models for education. Thank you to the Fountain Valley School District community for the many ways you have made a difference in our children's lives. Your active support demonstrates that our community has a true and genuine interest in education, teaching and learning. You provide the leadership that motivates our students to success. We have outstanding teachers and employees who also share our common vision of teaching and learning for all students. It truly has been a joy to be a part of this community and your representative for education these last fourteen-years.
Get in the Spirit!

As we begin the 2010-11 school year, the time has come for all of us, employees, parents, and community members alike to commit ourselves to "get in the spirit" and become the strongest advocate possible for public education. Our future as a community and a nation depends on it. It has often been said that all politics are local and I certainly feel that this applies to our advocacy of the public schools.  Never before has the funding of this critical institution been more threatened. Schools throughout the state have cut programs and services and negotiated reductions in employee salary and benefits that has resulted in fewer instructional days.  A generation ago California had the finest schools and school systems in our country.  Today, the 8th largest economy in the world is near the bottom of the nation in per student funding and at the top in student teacher; and student administrator ratios.
Although here in Fountain Valley, we are limited in what we are able to do nationally, the constituents of the Fountain Valley School District have a great say in protecting the instructional services to children within our jurisdiction. The Board of Trustees acts as the duly elected representatives of the voters and allocates the available resources to best serve all of our students in an effort to maintain the excellence of our educational programs. However with another funding cut from Sacramento on the horizon, community activism and volunteerism have risen high on our "to do" list.

I want to draw your attention to an effort being planned and coordinated by volunteers to raise the necessary funds to support our instrumental and vocal music program. Under the umbrella of the Fountain Valley Educational Foundation, a committee of concerned music enthusiasts are putting together a Professional Benefit Musical Concert for the community to protect and to advance music instruction in our elementary and middle schools. We will be marketing this concert throughout Fountain Valley and our neighboring communities. Professional musical artists will perform and hopefully the effort will attract the sponsorship of our local business community and corporate sponsors. Once the date and venue have been finalized, we will put the information on our website and distributing it throughout the schools.
Now is the time to "get in the spirit". If you have an interest to help with the Professional Benefit Concert please call Rina Hansen, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at 714.843.3255. If you would like to help out the Educational Foundation, please call Joanne Lew, the executive administrator in the Foundation Offices at 714.843.3229. If you have an interest in science and you want to help us maintain the hands-on science instruction in our schools, please contact the Science Coordinator, Susie Crandall at 714.843.3270. If you wish to be trained to assist our primary teachers as classroom volunteers, please ask about our Volunteer Academy Program and contact Hermine Burns at 714.843.3286. There is not a better time than now to "get in the spirit".