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  • STAR Results - (Link to STAR Program Site)
    • The CSTs for English–language arts, mathematics, science, and history–social science are administered only to students in California public schools. These tests were developed specifically to assess students' knowledge of the California content standards.
    • California Modified Assessment (CMA)
      The CMA was administered to eligible students in grades three through eight. The CMA is a standards-based test for students with an individualized education program who meet the eligibility criteria adopted by the State Board of Education. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 calls for a range of assessments appropriate to students' abilities.
    • California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA)Students with significant cognitive disabilities who are unable to take the CSTs even with modifications participated in the STAR Program by taking the CAPA. The CAPA is an individually administered performance assessment with all tasks linked to the California English–Language arts, mathematics, and science content standards.
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