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  • California Association for the Gifted - California Association for the Gifted is an organization of parents, educators, and community members who strive to improve education for individuals who demonstrate giftedness or gifted potential. The organization disseminates information, encourages advocacy and awareness, and sponsors activities significant to gifted education.
  • CalPERS - Information source for the California Public Employees' Retirement System
  • CALSTRS - Information for members of the State Teachers Retirement System
  • CyberSafety - Cybersafety is the safe and responsible use of the Internet and all information and communication technology devices, including mobile phones, digital cameras, and webcams.
  • DataQuest - DataQuest helps you find facts about California schools and districts.

  • Discovery Science Center - Discovery Science Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating young minds, assisting teachers, and increasing public understanding of science, math, and technology through interactive exhibits and programs
  • Google for Educators - At Google, teachers are supported in their efforts to empower students and expand the frontiers of human knowledge. Some examples of these tools for educators include products such as Google News, Google Page Creator and Google Groups. There are some examples of teacher work in the new classroom activities section. There are also tips posters, which can be printed out and hang in your classrooms, computer labs and libraries.
  • Information and Library Services -The site provides an explanation of the Copyright and Fairness Use Guidelines in a classroom, on the internet, and when using educational multimedia guidelines.
  • International Reading Association - Homepage of the International Reading Association dedicated to promoting reading by continuously advancing the quality of literacy instruction and research.
  • KitZu - Digital kits for educators brought to you by the Orange County Department of Education. KitZu helps to make teaching, learning, and creating of multimedia projects easier and more fun

  • National Council of Teachers of English - The National Council of Teachers of English is devoted to improving the teaching and learning of English and the language arts at all levels of education.
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a public voice of mathematics education, providing vision, leadership and professional development to support teachers in ensuring equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students.
  • National Council for the Social Studies - Social studies educators teach students the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and civic values necessary for fulfilling the duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy. The mission of National Council for the Social Studies is to provide leadership, service, and support for all social studies educators.
  • National Science Teachers Association - The National Science Teachers Association is the largest organization in the world committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.
  • Web Safety - Online safety information For Educators