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Visual and Performing Arts

The Fountain Valley School District has seen the need to further enhance our current Visual and Performing Arts Programs in our schools in VISUAL ARTS, MUSIC, THEATER, and DANCE. Along with the California Arts Project (TCAP) and Orange County Department of Education, both teachers and administrators from the district have been involved in this endeavor. National studies have shown that students who receive a well-rounded arts education tend to perform better in school

Throughout last school year and summer, teachers from all over the district participated in writing a state standards-based art curriculum for grades kindergarten through sixth grade through TCAP. This new program is currently being piloted by all staff at Courreges and Newland Elementary Schools, as well as in grade 6 at Fulton and Masuda Middle Schools. TCAP’s central mission is to deepen teachers’ knowledge of these disciplines to enhance standards-based instruction with strategies for teaching California’s students. The Southern California Arts Project (SCAP) provides development programs, institutes, workshops, and seminars available to educators and school districts to assist in enhancing these areas of instruction.

Beginning the 2008-2009 school year, additional teachers attended the Summer Institute for Theatre and Dance, sponsored by SCAP through San Diego State University. These teachers received approximately 80 hours of intensive training in these content areas and now have just begun the curriculum writing stage for theater and dance. Once completed, this curriculum will be piloted for grades K-6 next school year. Following this, selected teachers will attend the Music Institute this summer through SCAP and repeat this process for music for the 2009-2010 school year. The District’s goal is to have these four standards-based programs implemented throughout all schools. It has been both exciting and motivating to see and hear the teacher participants involved in these experiences come back with desire, passion, and the knowledge to spread the love of the arts to our students!

Brooke James and Amelia Terich, Visual and Performing Arts Coordinators