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Science Education for Tomorrow's Leaders

In a commitment to meet the crucial need to improve Science education for all students, the Fountain Valley School District has teamed with Huntington Beach City School District and the Westminster School District to form the ScienceWorks Consortium. This successful and innovative partnership has sustained our science reform efforts. We are very proud of the progress that has been made in science instruction. In 2011, 85% of the district's fifth graders, and 79% of the district's eighth graders scored Proficient or Advanced on the California Content Standards test in science.

The benefits of this program assure the following:

  • increased student involvement
  • multiple ways of learning
  • sequential phases of cognition
  • complete understanding and application of the scientific method
  • active construction of meaningful knowledge
  • collaborative professional development
  • standards-based assessment

The greatest challenge to the ScienceWorks Consortium is to meet the constant growing financial demands of this dynamic and innovative science program. Our focus is to cultivate awareness and establish science advocates in all sectors of our community. Only with collaboration of the business, school, and family communities can we hope to sustain this successful program. Gerald F. Wheeler, Executive Director of the National Science Teacher’s Association stated, “A nation’s ability to remain a leader relies on how well that nation educates its students in science and technology.” Knowing this, we graciously ask for community support to continue our wonderful program.